Gdańskie Autonomiczne Gimnazjum (Autonomic Middle School of Gdańsk) was established on the 1st of September, 1999, forming Gdańskie Szkoły Autonomiczne ( Autonomic Schools of Gdańsk) together with Gdańskie Autonimiczne Liceum ( Autonomic High School of Gdańsk) and Gdańska Autonomiczna Szkoła Podstawowa ( Autonomic Primary School of Gdańsk). Since the very beginning, GAG has been generating interest of the parents living in Tri-city and its surroundings. On the 10th of October, 2003, G.A.G was officially awarded the title of "Szkoła z klasą" ("School with quality"). Currently, the school has four 1st, three 2nd and three 3rd grades, giving a total of 172 students.




Teaching Methods

The didactics of our middle school was developed by the teachers employed in schools conducted by Gdańska Fundacja Oświatowa (Gdansk Educational Foundation) – and published in the book "Klocki Autonomiczne". The teaching programs included in it were admitted to scholastic usage by the Polish minister of national education in 1999, on the 15th of February. The concept is based on the obligatory scholastic program of Polish public middle schools.



The teachers of GAG, hand-picked through the competition based recruitment system, are competent and experienced in teaching middle school youth. Most of them are also the employees of GLA, bringing the possibility of merging high standards of education with an adequate methodical approach. The staff includes the accredited authors of numerous didactics publications. The teachers of GAG are co-authors of the quarterly: „Klocki Autonomiczne w szkole”.


Basic Educational Principles

Middle school is an extremely important stage in the development of our youth – it is a period of growing to maturity and the development of interests. Thus, apart from focusing on knowledge, special attention is paid to the issues related to patriotic and civil duties. The main educational ideas we have chosen are:

- People and their emotions,

- Human rights,

- The place of man in the modern world.


Students are introduced to the principles of democracy by the Students` Council. They may therefore contribute to the creation of the image of their school and new traditions by organizing such events as St. Andrew's, Christmas-related school events, St. Nick's, etc.


In educational development, students, teachers and parents are supported by the psychological and pedagogical staff of “Osiek”.



Our main educational principles are:

-giving a solid base of general knowledge (the average result for the middle school exam being 43,3 in the humanistic part and 43,5 in the mathematical-science part.)

-pinpointing predispositions and abilities of students that will help in deciding which class profile to choose in high school.

-bilingual classes (since 2003/2004).

-intensive courses of two foreign languages.

-teaching physics and chemistry since 2nd grade.

-a long list of additional activities.

-the possibility of continuing education in GLA for the most worthy students.


Bilingual teaching

The school has provided a class with bilingual teaching in each grade since '03/'04. Apart from 5 hours of English lessons weekly, students have the opportunity to extend their vocabulary and other linguistic skills during other lessons, for example, biology.

Bilingual classes have an additional subject – knowledge of Anglo-Saxon culture.


Students` assessment system

The students` assessment system is based on point-grading. There are also yearly assessment tests, known as Akcje Sprawdzające (Evaluation Events), which turn out to be the best way to measure school teaching quality in practice. These events are treated as mock-middle school exams, an emotional preparation to them. We also use them as a way to diagnose the strengths of the students, in order to help them choose the right high school.



Electronic School Register

In September, 2008 the school brought the electronic school register into service, a tool that unambiguously facilitates the monitoring of students' results by their legal guardians.

Extra curricular activities


We pay a lot of attention to the development of students` artistic abilities by offering a wide range of extra curricular activities. The school provides good conditions for students` physical development – students can choose from a variety of different sports activities conducted in the gym, soccer field and pool. Students are also allowed access to an ice-skating rink during the winter. In 2009 an astronomy observatory at GAG was officially opened.



Foreign Languages

Our students are obligatorily taught two foreign languages: 5 lessons of English weekly and a second language (either German, Spanish or French ). The classes are held in several different groups of difficulty. In order to evaluate the effects of learning and to make an apt division into groups, the school organizes Akcje Sprawdzające mentioned earlier.



School achievements
Every year GAG students achieve excellent results in final middle school exams– the best in Gdańsk in 2010. According to EWD (Education Value-Added) we are the school of success education - click here

Our students participate successfully in a number of inter-school competitions at all levels.




Gdańskie Autonomiczne Gimnazjum
Osiek 11/12
Gdańsk 80-842
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