You’ve already seen our 2 parts of the short manual on exam  preparation. But what about the writing part on extended level? That’s where we come in with our marvelous solution!After watching these videos you’ll be over the moon with the  marks that you’ll achieve.You do not need to be some kind of a writing mastermind to ace it .It ain’t that hard after all!

Dorota Maliborska (03.04.2019)

Kolejna część cyklu „A short mannual on exam preparation”, przygotowana przez grupę p. Doroty Maliborskiej.

I bet that you are a bundle of nerves because of the upcoming exams. No need to worry, because group 3a1 is here to help you again. With these videos you will learn a bunch of useful tricks and tips that will eradicate stress from your life. I can guarantee they will come in handy in your future.

Paweł Andrzejczuk (29.03.2019)